College Park Marriott Hotel Wedding

This wedding celebration unfolded as a series of memorable events throughout the day. It all began with the groom and his groomsmen getting ready, filled with anticipation and excitement. Meanwhile, the bride prepared for her special day in the comforting embrace of her childhood home, surrounded by her bridesmaids and cherished family members. The driveway leading to the venue was adorned with hand-painted flowers, lovingly crafted by the bridesmaids, creating a picturesque entrance.

Before the ceremony commenced, the bride shared a heartfelt first look with her father, their eyes brimming with tears of joy and love. Moments later, the bride and groom had their own first look, an oh-so-sweet encounter that overflowed with smiles and laughter. They exchanged heartfelt letters, cherishing the opportunity to express their love and anticipation for the journey ahead.

Then, the enchanting ceremony took place, graced with beauty and love. Cecilia and Jackson exchanged vows, surrounded by their adoring friends and family. As they sealed their union with a kiss, a cascade of bubbles filled the air, creating a whimsical exit from the ceremony.

Following the ceremony, the couple ventured to the Peace and Friendship Garden, where they captured breathtaking portraits together. However, the rain unexpectedly began to fall, allowing them just a fleeting five minutes to immortalize their love amid the serene beauty of the garden. Undeterred, they sought shelter indoors, finding a captivating backdrop in the art gallery of the Marriott, where they captured stunning bridal party portraits.

The bride and groom then embarked on a beautiful outfit change, donning attire that epitomized elegance and grace. Their entrance into the reception was met with resounding cheers, setting the stage for an evening of jubilant celebration. Heartfelt, funny, and poignant speeches were delivered by friends and family, leaving everyone touched by the love that filled the room.

The evening was punctuated by incredible dance performances from the bridal party, captivating the guests and inspiring everyone to join them on the dance floor. The venue itself was a vision of beauty, adorned with a vibrant array of flowers and flickering candlelight. The entire celebration was a testament to the couple’s love, and the day concluded with colorful memories etched in the hearts of all who attended.

Thank you so much for choosing us to document and be a part of your magnificent wedding celebration. It was an honor to witness and capture the love, joy, and beauty that filled every moment of your special day. We extend our heartfelt wishes to Cecilia and Jackson as they embark on this new chapter of their lives together. May your journey be filled with endless love, cherished memories, and a lifetime of happiness.