Monthly Archives: October 2017

Mundelein Auditorium Wedding

There was one moment this Fall when all the droplets of rain poured down as did Grace and Paul's love. What followed were two very important words; words which put smiles on faces, turned eyes into glass, warmed up people's hearts. "I do," were the two words that Grace and Paul exchanged while looking deep

Hotel Arista Wedding

There is one little secret we need to tell you about. It's about how we judge great weddings... Basically, the more furry creatures - the better! We love, love, love when our couples bring their sweet bow-wows to the wedding (or at least to the photo shoot). These pups are always just as excited as

Webb Family Session at the beach

This handsome little guy is up on the blog again! Last time I saw him was last year when we did first birthday shoot for him. He's grown so much since then! And, boy oh boy, was he so much more active than a year ago. This little guy had so much energy, I couldn't