Newborn Session

So guess what is one of the most rewarding jobs a photographer does -- photographing tiny babies that do nothing more than curl into a ball of cuteness. All newborns are cute. They are cute no matter what they do: cry and scream or smile and laugh. Their beautiful tiny faces fill their surroundings with joy and

3rd Birthday Party at Pump It Up

Rohan just had his 3rd birthday and what a fantastic birthday it was! It took place at Pump It Up, many kids' favorite playground. There were a climbing wall, bouncy houses, slides and even a special visitor, Daniel the Tiger. Photographing so many cute, adorable, and energetic children is fun to say the least. As

Omari’s 1st Birthday

This baby rocks! His name is Omari, he's a little ball of energy, and he just turned one! He also has the most amazing mom who put a lot of energy into making sure that his birthday party is a blast! While Omari's birthday was fun from the beginning to the end, there were two

Declan’s 1st Birthday

It is Declan's 1st birthday on the blog today! He is a January baby, just like Taz. No wonder they got along so well! Taz was so excited when his parents asked us to do another shoot with them to capture this moment. There are a couple of shots where you can see his preemie hat and diaper

Superhero Birthday Party

A gentleman walks into the room filled with family and friends, all of whom excited and eager to see him. He's wearing regular pants and a sport jacket and looks like a regular man. But don't be mistaken, underneath that jacket hides a Super-Man! And he's name is Aarav, and... he's the birthday boy! Words

Tuesday’s and Jordan’s Newborn Session

 It was only one year ago when I photographed Tuesday and Jordan's wedding. Here they are again, celebrating their one year anniversary with their beautiful baby boy, Declan. He resembles his dad so much! And, he has his mom's beautiful blue eyes! It was so nice to see this Tuesday and Jordan again and to

Seth Turns Two! – Birthday party

My dear friends from Tandang Garimot martial arts studio have asked me to photographer a birthday party for their now 2 year old boy. I, of course, agreed -- I love this kid! Just moments prior to the birthday boy's arrival, his refusal to take a nap earlier had finally caught up to him. When

Omari’s Newborn Session

I would like to welcome Omari to the world! When my friend Camille told me that she finally gave birth to her first child, I couldn't wait to visit her in Champaign and see him. I finally got chance to head over last week and how exciting my visit was! We hung out at Camille's