Monthly Archives: July 2016

CD & ME wedding

Tony and Karen were bound to meet. Having shared mutual friends who had previously suggested a blind date, Tony and Karen re-discovered each other via Facebook and brought up the idea of a blind date with their friends again.The date involved a dinner and a bowling alley and, as the little birdie told us, Tony

Cantigny Park Wedding

Photographing Nicole and Rob's wedding was incredible! The sweet and beautiful newly weds surrounded by wonderful group of family members and friends. Everyone and everything in this wedding has made the day special and the atmosphere warm and filled with heartfelt emotions. Taz and I were truly moved by all the details of the day: from small

Marisa + Bob Wedding at Cog Hill

Bob and Marisa's wedding took place at the beautiful Cog Hill Golf Club. The venue did a great job decorating the reception and preparing space for the outdoor wedding ceremony. The reception was held in a stunning room with large windows, gorgeous fireplace, and hardwood floors and beams. Tables were nicely decorated and covered with diamond-white

Chicago Riverwalk Engagement Session

Just few days ago, we had the pleasure to do an engagement session with Alex and Maggie who were visiting from L.A. Since we had only spoken over the phone we were very excited to finally meet in person! We met downtown, by the Olive Park right before the sunset, took some beautiful shots there

Bryson + Shennae – Sneak Peek

Yesterday was one of those days that makes our job a unique and fantastic experience. That was, of course, thanks to our beautiful couple: Shennae and Bryson, who made the day fun, exciting, and full of emotions. The wedding was beautiful, located at the Carleton Hotel of Oak Park with ceremony at the Garfield Park

Tony + Karen – Sneak Peek

We are super hyped about Tony and Karen's wedding pictures! Tony and Karen got married yesterday, July 2nd, and celebrated their special day in a gorgeous CD and Me venue. Surrounded by nature, fantastic people, and amazing decorations, their wedding made for many marvelous photos. While we're excited about all the pictures, we can't wait

Nicole + Rob – Sneak Peek

Last night, one lovely couple -- Nicole & Rob -- got married, and we were there to photograph their beautiful wedding day. We loved how gorgeous it was. The Cantigny Park and Golf made for beautiful shots of the wedding party. The guests were amazing and made the atmosphere so truly heartfelt. We are excited to share a