Other events

Birthday Party at Kid City Chicago

Every-time we had the opportunity to work with this amazing family to document their birthday parties, we were so impressed with how much energy the parents put into planning. They always made sure that everyone, the kids and the adults, had great time. Looking back in memory, the first birthday was a superhero-themes; then the next one (bro-bro's

Lincoln Park Zoo Lights Session

I am very thankful we were able to take advantage of the 50 degree weather in December and a huge thanks to my darling husband/human light stand.  We are so excited to share this awesome session with this incredibly sweet couple! We had so much fun, it was like we were working with long time

Superhero Birthday Party

A gentleman walks into the room filled with family and friends, all of whom excited and eager to see him. He's wearing regular pants and a sport jacket and looks like a regular man. But don't be mistaken, underneath that jacket hides a Super-Man! And he's name is Aarav, and... he's the birthday boy! Words

27th Annual Snowball Fundraising Event for Lurie Children’s Hosptial

On February 7th, the Union Station's Great Hall was filled with 2,000 young professionals, delicious food from multiple restaurants, great drinks, and live music. This is how Chicago and the Junior Council celebrate and raise funds for helping adolescent kids fight HIV. We were there to capture this remarkable event and believe us when we

Paws Fundraising Event at Tandang Garimot

PAWS Chicago Fundraiser - Pictures. You gotta love animals. PAWS Chicago was founded in 1999 with the mission of reducing the number of pets euthanized in the City of Chicago. On PAWS's Mission & Values page you can see a graph showing how the number of euthanized pets has drastically reduced since the founding of the charity.

50th Birthday Party

I first met Lino and Clea at wedding industry's networking event a couple years ago. They, too, are a husband and wife team, established since 1999 as Ultrasound DJ. I had the pleasure of working with Lino and Clea a year ago for their mom's 75th birthday party. I was really happy when they recently