Monthly Archives: January 2015

Wedding ceremony at Alice Millar Chapel

20 years have passed since two beautiful ladies received a symbolical wedding to commemorate their love. After those 20 years, they have officially married in the state of Illinois and we had the opportunity to capture that wonderful moment in their life! The ceremony took place in Alice Millar Chapel in Evanston. Having been with

Linkedin Head Shot Session

Just this past weekend, my husband and I went over to the lake to take some head shots for his Linkedin profile and new website - Luto Consulting. Isn't he handsome! Winter time doesn't need to be slow for a photographer! There is always someone who needs professional pictures, whether it's for a party, a

Paws Fundraising Event at Tandang Garimot

PAWS Chicago Fundraiser - Pictures. You gotta love animals. PAWS Chicago was founded in 1999 with the mission of reducing the number of pets euthanized in the City of Chicago. On PAWS's Mission & Values page you can see a graph showing how the number of euthanized pets has drastically reduced since the founding of the charity.

Lincoln Park Zoo Lights – Engagement Session

When you're in love, nothing else matters as long as you're with the person that you love. On a cold day, like the ones that Chicago treats us with during winter, only the warmth of your beloved can keep you warm enough to still enjoy the evening. We experienced this recently, while shooting Berna and