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Rochester City Hall Wedding

Evan and Laura, newcomers to Rochester, NY, have recently had an intimate wedding ceremony. It took place at the city hall in Rochester which is a beautiful place to have a ceremony at. They exchanged they vows and shared their first kiss surrounded by their closest family members and by the iconic architecture of the

Farm And Vineyard Wedding at Becker Farms

When it comes to meeting your future wife or husband, there are many possible ways, places, and occasions. Sometimes it's a matter of good timing, sometimes a matter of innocent look. Yet sometimes it's a matter of a good common friend. And that's how Kevin and Ashley met. Their story is really sweet: they only

Richardson’s Canal House Wedding

Weddings are symbolic events; they symbolize two people's devotion for one another, their mutual love. They also create an opportunity for the families and friends to express their support and love through extraordinary deeds like helping organize the special day, or giving a heart-warming speech. Recently, we got the opportunity to photograph a wedding of

Lighthouse Restaurant Wedding

Talk about energy. Brian and Ashley have so much energy, I can't begin to describe it. They went through their wedding day with smiles lighting up their faces, adoring each other, and making sure that everyone was having a great day on their wedding day. There wasn't a moment where they frowned. And, as if