Road Trip to Charleston and Savannah

Friday afternoon at 2pm - Taz asks Kamil, "what will we do this weekend?" Kamil shrugs. How about we go to South Carolina? One hour later, we are packed and on the road. After realizing that it will be the last free weekend we have before the wedding season begins, we decided to use it

Polish Easter Traditions

 Happy Easter! Wesolych Swiat Wielkanocnych! We wanted to share with you some of Kamil's Polish Easter traditions. With a camera in our backpack, we went to Kamil's parents' house where, after mass, we enjoyed some delicious meals prepared by his family. There are certain traditions regarding the food and games. For example, on a table,

South Africa Honeymoon – Part 2, Money.

In the previous post from our South Africa Honeymoon series, I wrote about booking your flights and car rentals. Today, I'll focus a bit more on how to spend money smart. So, I wouldn't get anywhere without knowing what currency is used in South Africa -- it's South African Rand (ZAR). You can easily find