Wingate Barn Wedding

One gorgeous bride and one handsome groom have yet again brightened our work day! And this time they were joined by their little son as well! Meet Amie and Andrew, the awesome couple we’re writing about today, and Tanner, their adorable son. Amie, Andrew, and Tanner celebrated their special day in the midst of the Finger Lakes, among corn fields stretching long and where sunsets cast the most color. It was the place to adore this gorgeous wedding. All the beauty of the nature, however, couldn’t overshadow the gorgeous bride. Amie stood tall, with an adorable smile lighting up her face, and a long white dress with beautiful embroidery adding even more sparkle. Then there was Andrew, handsome like no other, standing right in front of Amie, tall and determined, letting a happy smile slip away from time to time as he saw Tanner run alongside the altar. The ceremony was under way at the Wingate Barn!

The combination of nature and rustic style barn wedding provided opportunities for many beautiful photos with lots of details. The altar was made of long tree trunks and decorated with many flowers. The whole thing was very artsy and matched the overall rustic style of the venue. Behind the bride and groom were tall beautiful fields of corn. The guests sat in chairs on the grass separated from bride and groom only by the narrow line drawn by Tanner’s steps as he wandered from one grandpa to another. The setup had a very intimate feel and the intimacy was especially evident when multiple tears broke during the vows, ring exchange, and first kiss.

After the ceremony we had plenty of time to do get creative with portrait pictures and use all the beautiful space around the venue. Barns and crop fields always provide interesting backdrops for wedding shoots so we were in heaven. We’re just very thankful that Amie and Andrew enjoyed testing a few different spots and that they were so amazing to work with. Despite the long day they maintained high energy and excitement and made the session fun. When their baby son Tanner joined them for pictures, it felt as if their energy doubled! We loved these guys!

The reception took place inside the barn. Barns often times are dark and difficult to light but here it was not an issue. Beautiful white fabric clothes stretched above the tables bouncing off light and making the venue brighter. And then there were the glorious barn doors facing west where the sun set. The bride and groom’s table was lit with beautiful light from the setting sun. The reception felt very intimate just like the ceremony. The first dances felt very powerful and romantic; as guests watched Andrew and Amie dance with their parents, everyone was in awe. The sweet and lovely atmosphere was then energized by speeches that got everyone to smile and laugh.

Amie and Andrew, we loved working with you and really enjoyed capturing your special day. We hope that these images help you enjoy that day for years to come. Congratulations and we hope that our paths cross again!



Ceremony and Reception : Wingate Barn |Catering and Decor: Partyman Catering and Rental

Hair: Naomi Bagwell | Make-up: Angel Flint