Seneca Zoo – Vendor Spotlight

In today’s spotlight, we presents a vendor that is very close to our hearts for it reminds us so much of our own wedding. Few years ago, when planning our special day, we were not looking for your regular wedding venues but instead wanted an intimate ceremony and reception in a natural setting. Among a few potential locations, the zoo was the most beautiful and meaningful place to have our wedding at. The zoo puts you close to the nature and just makes for a very unique, beautiful, and special place to have the wedding at. Today’s guest brings up all those warm feelings from our wedding day. We have the pleasure to present the majestic Seneca Zoo of Rochester NY.

The Seneca Zoo provides Rochester with access to some of the wildest and the most adorable creatures that walk the deserts, live the jungles, navigate the skies, and swim the oceans. For brides and grooms, the zoo provides the opportunity to celebrate their special day among many of those wild animals. Your day would begin with a transportation from the gate to your selected facility as owls, hawks, and giraffes watch you and your guests pass by. As your celebrations commence, you’ll witness your guests and the animals interact with one another, and you’ll get opportunities for interacting and having pictures taken with the animals yourself. The most amazing thing of it all, however, is that you have the zoo to yourself!

The Seneca Zoo doesn’t only provide you with beautiful background for your wedding, they offer help in planning your special day from start to finish: organizing vendors, decorating your reception, choosing menu options. As you go through the process, you’ll work very closely with the Seneca’s Zoo fantastic coordinator, Laura. Laura is a great person with warm personality and true devotion for the nature and animals. She told us about the animals and the history of the zoo with real passion. She’s helped organize many weddings and other private events at the zoo and will make your planning process smooth and stress-free. We have asked Laura a few questions about her job, the zoo, and for an advice for future brides and grooms. See her answers below and enjoy the photos of the zoo and wedding reception setup.

Tell me about your venue.

Seneca Park Zoo is home to incredible species of animals from around the world. The Zoo now spans
more than 20 acres with the recent opening of our Animals of the Savanna expansion that features
Masai giraffes, plains zebras, ostriches and more. We have several venues located throughout the
natural surroundings of the Zoo that can serve as the setting for your special day.

How did you get into your business? How long have you been doing it for?

Living in the Rochester area for my entire life, I have always supported Seneca Park Zoo and its
dedication to wildlife conservation. For several years during high school, I volunteered in the Zoo
Explorer program where I had the opportunity to work alongside the zoo keepers on their daily
assignments. This experience furthered my love for the Zoo and gave me great insight into all the hard
work and dedication that goes into operating a successful zoo.
I joined the Seneca Park Zoo Society as the Events and Experiences Sales Coordinator in March 2016. I
truly enjoy working for a nonprofit organization and find it incredibly rewarding knowing that I am
making a difference for wildlife around the world.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is working onsite at the Zoo. I love to meet with clients to discuss planning
their special event or experience. I like to share details about current happenings at the Zoo and the
animals in our care.
One of my favorite locations to tour with clients is the Rocky Coasts Gallery. One of the California sea
lions enjoys interacting with guests through the glass window of the habitat. I love seeing guests
connect with these amazing animals.

Tell me a story of one of your favorite clients/event.

I recently coordinated a behind-the-scenes tour with the African penguins that concluded with a
surprise proposal. She said yes! I am currently talking to the couple about hosting their wedding at the

When should the couple book their venue?

The ideal time-frame is 12 – 18 months in advance as popular weekend dates book early.

What makes you different from others in your field?

Couples who host their wedding at the Zoo can feel good knowing that they are directly supporting our
conservation efforts to save animals from extinction.

Are there any wedding trends that you love or don’t love?

I like when couples don’t feel obligated to follow wedding traditions (extravagant favors, garter toss,
etc.) that aren’t meaningful to the couple.

What tips can you give to upcoming brides?

Don’t become overwhelmed by the planning process! Planning a wedding can seem like a daunting task,
but it doesn’t have to be.
Stay organized and take planning one step at a time.

Where can brides-to-be find you online?

On the Zoo’s website, and