Port of Rochester

Yes, we’re dealing with some low temperatures in Rochester these days but there are things that can be done to warm up the atmosphere. One such thing is, of course, getting married! In this spirit, we’re sharing pictures from a beautiful wedding celebration that we had the pleasure to photograph earlier this month. It was the wedding of Lindsay and Andy- a fantastic couple filled with love, cheer, and great spirit. They celebrated their marriage together with their family and friends, and especially with their adorable girl, Lydia. The ceremony and the reception both took place at the Port of Rochester located at the Genesee River. The Greenhouse, which is the venue located on the top floor of the Port of Rochester, provided a panoramic view of the city afar and the surrounding river with the Rochester Yacht Club on one side and the Port of Rochester marina on the other side. The views were really breath-taking, especially during sunset and after dusk.

However all these beautiful views were complemented by equally gorgeous decor. Lindsay loves nature and made their decorations including the flower centerpieces and various details. Andy, on the other hand, used his graphic design skills to put together the invitations, Lindsay painted. They’ve both put a tremendous amount of energy into making every detail perfect. And it worked! The decor was beautiful! Andy’s and Lindsay’s friends also helped a lot with the setup and execution. Once the venue was ready for the young couple and once everyone was situated, Andy walked up to the altar and stood there. Then the music started and the bride emerged in her gorgeous dress. She slowly walked into the room, between the rows of guests, and onto the altar where Andy greeted her. Everyone adored her beauty. The ceremony then begun.

The ceremony was very intimate: many of the guests were close friends with the couple. Throughout the ceremony they would share their memories and prayers, often inviting a sparkle into Lindsay’s and Andy’s eyes. Even Lydia had her moment congratulating her mom and Andy on their special day. All throughout, the ceremony was very beautiful and emotional. Following the ceremony, the room got a makeover and everyone started enjoying the delicious dinner. The evening was very enjoyable and we loved working with Andy, Lindsay, and Lydia. They were so brave to come out in the cold for a few portraits and they were so passionate that we had many opportunities to grab nice shots of them!

We really loved working with you guys! We’re so excited for you and wish you all the best on your new journey together!


Reception and Ceremony: Port of Rochester