New York Kitchen Wedding

It’s already been three weeks since the spectacular Lego-themed wedding of Mark and Emily, yet it feels like a blink of an eye. What a blast that wedding was, we’ve had so much fun witnessing this crazy couple’s special day. Emily and Mark are fun and nerdy (their own words!) which are the perfect words to also describe what we have witnessed on that day! But first things first. We met Emily and Mark over a year ago during the wedding (just as fun as this one) of Emily’s sister, Julianna. When they contacted us last year we were really excited to work with them and to see their friends and family again. Having learned more about Emily and Mark, we found out that they were really excited about Legos. It seems that Mark had long loved this hobby and got Emily on board. But it turns out that Emily had her own experiences with the matter, too, when she consulted for the Lego! It must have been to Mark’s happy surprise when she brought some original pieces back from her job.

Fast forward to present, Emily and Mark, who now live in Pennsylvania, decided to have their celebration in the Finger Lakes area, close to where their family lives. We met early by the lake, at Kershaw Park where we organized the first look for Mark and Emily. They both looked stunning and got random pedestrians cheering for them. In her ankle-length cream dress, Emily looked gorgeous. She carried a bouquet of paper flowers that added that extra artsy character to her outfit. Topping it all with beautiful smile, Emily’s divine look was definitely difficult to match! But Mark did a great job with his exquisite dark blue suit and handmade boutonniere that featured Lego mask of Darth Wader. Together, Mark and Emily looked perfect; we couldn’t stop admiring their elegance!

Both their ceremony and reception took place at the New York Kitchen in Canandaigua. As the day approached, and during the morning of, they’ve been a bit worried about the forecast which predicted rain for the length of their ceremony. Luckily for everyone, their hosts have prepared a large tent to have the ceremony at. While the day was a bit chilly, the tent was nice and cozy and kept everyone warm. The rain outside did not stop the celebrations. The ceremony was quick, yet it stirred people’s hearts and tears were shed. It was very beautiful and emotional.

The reception was held inside the New York’s Kitchen’s main building. It’s a beautiful venue with stone and solid wood details all around which give it a very unique, castle-like, character. The venue did a great job preparing the reception hall but a lot of the decorations were actually DIY pieces prepared by Mark and Emily. They used Legos to build various details like the ring box and cake toppers. Their centerpieces were Funko Pop! figurines. Around the room, various food stations were setup, with some of the stations manned by cooks making their dishes to order. Delicious! The reception was, just like the ceremony, very heartwarming. The speeches were truly beautiful and sneaked a sparkle into the guests’ eyes. But so did the first d

ances. Mark and Emily glazed through the floor with one another as well as with the parents. Mark made an especially romantic move when he invited Emily’s mom to the floor during Emily’s first dance with her father. It was beautiful.

We loved working with these two! Emily and Mark, it was such a pleasure being apart your wedding day! Our best wishes and we hope to see you again in the future!




Ceremony and Reception: New York Kitchen