Lancaster Country Club Wedding New York

As winter comes to an end, we are all starting to prepare for the wedding season to begin again. Whether you will be getting married off-season, for example in March (like we did!), or in the summer, the time is right to get some inspiration! So, here we are sharing a wedding from last year that Taz shot alongside Michael Fisher Photography. This wedding took place at the Lancaster Country Club, a beautiful venue that can host large wedding and makes sure that your ceremony and reception look just heavenly: beautiful setup, gorgeous decorations, and simplistic yet spectacular architecture. Often times, beauty is in simplicity. But while it is important for the ambience to be just perfect during your wedding, the bride and groom are, of course, the crucial part. And, in fact, these two were just gorgeous and overshadowed everything else. We loved the bride’s snow white dress and pink and white bouquet and the grooms navy blue suit that complemented them. But most of them, we love the spark between the two. There was so much love and happiness between the bride and the groom as well as their families that you can even feel it from the pictures. Remember for your upcoming wedding: this day is about you. Be yourself, be natural, and when things seem to get delayed, it’s ok — you’re marrying your other half.