Glenora Wine Cellars Wedding

Finger Lakes weddings are becoming a thing for us, apparently. Awesome couples have been a thing for quite a while but Finger Lakes is new! And guess what. We love it! We love when we get to work with amazing people, especially when we get to do that in such scenic surroundings! Oh, did we mention the wine? We love wine. So imagine what happens when the three things we love so much are mixed together!

Anna and Ryan, a super-star couple, recently got hitched at a winery in the Finger Lakes region! It was spectacular! But let us tell you about these two before we share the details of their wedding with you. We haven’t gotten the chance to meet them in person prior to their wedding — we only got to hear their voice over the phone. But a few conversation made it clear that these two were going to be amazing to work with. Their devotion for each other and the enthusiasm about their wedding were very evident. Anna and Ryan got us very excited about their wedding! One of the things that we liked about them was how funny it was to listen to the two talk about each other and tell the story of their relationship. They originally met in college when Ryan was TA-ing a class where Anna was a student. They make a point of making it clear, however, that it wasn’t until a couple years later when they run into each other again and the romance began. They’ve spent endless days together; even while traveling away from each other, they’d find ways to have fun together by playing online video games. The tipping point in their relationship was a hike in the mountains somewhere along the West Coast. It’s then that Ryan’s goal was to propose to Anna. He wanted to do that at the tip of the mountain, however they never got there! Ryan, not intimidated by the slight change of his plans, still proposed popped the question. And, of course, Anna said yes. Funny thing, though, Anna says that she wasn’t anticipating a ring at all — rather, she thought that Ryan was about to offer her a beer!

We smiled whenever we got the chance to hear from these two prior to their wedding. We couldn’t wait to meet them in person. When the big day began, we met the two separately at their cabins. The girl’s cabin was filled with laughter, jokes and music. Anna and her friends were having lots of fun getting ready and they constantly emanated happiness and made everyone around laugh And the same went for the boys. Perhaps a bit quieter,  they started their morning on the deck, enjoying the early breeze. But when the time to get ready came, they went about preparing themselves quickly and to the rhythm of some of their favorite tracks. Everyone was excited but also a bit nervous, but that’s ok — it was a big day after all! Soon everyone headed to the place of the ceremony.

As the guests were arriving to the ceremony, they couldn’t help but notice the beautiful surroundings. Before them was the altar marked by a wooden arch and in the background was a spectacular panorama of the Seneca Lake. What a view! Soon, all the crowd had gathered and Ryan came to the front together with the groomsmen and bridesmaids and stood in anticipation. When the music changed and distant door opened, all saw the beautiful bride. Anna, in a long, beautiful white dress, walked alongside her father towards the altar and the guests smiled and admired her stunning look. Ryan, of course, was the most excited from them all. His face lit in awe as he watched her approach him. Standing together at the altar, there wasn’t a single moment without a sparkle in their eyes. We were really touched by the wind-chimes that Anna had placed next to the altar — they were there to symbolize her loving mother. As the two tied the knot, their family and friends cheered them with enthusiasm and tears of joy.

Following the ceremony, was the reception which took place inside the winery, in a beautiful banquet hall with a balcony that also overlooked the beautiful panorama. The space had a rustic feel to it with lots of wooden detail. The long tables had adorable fresh-cut flowery centerpieces made by her bridesmaid. The balcony was lit with romantic hanging lights. The space was intimate enough to keep everyone close but not crowded. We loved it! Throughout the evening there were, of course, beautiful speeches shared by the bride’s and groom’s closest friends and there were dances. We loved witnessing the obvious affection between the couple but also between them and their parents during the first dances. It was a beautiful wedding and we really enjoyed working with these two and with their family and friends. Anna and Ryan we love how adorable and amazing you two are and we hope to run into you soon again! Best of luck on your new path!

Ceremony and Reception: Glenora Wine Cellars | Florist: Through the Garden Gate (bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres) / Bekah Kanski (centerpieces) | Band:  The Swooners | Cake Artist: Marina Burgess – Simple Sweets Bakery | Make-up artist: Bekah Kanski | Hair Artist: Bekah Kanski /Ashley Thompson | Wedding Dress Designer:  Eddy K | Bridesmaids Dress Designer: Bill Levkoff | Shoe Designer:  Tieks | Groom’s Attire: Suit Supply | Event Coordinator: James Merritt | Officiant: Pastor Fran Gasparri | Catering: Glenora Wine Cellars | Invitations/Stationery: Susan Moyal via Minted.