Garfield Park Conservatory Wedding

One beautiful day, at the Purdue University, a boy asked a girl to let him copy her homework — and she let him. That moment, like a little spark, started a flame that remained warm and bright and withstood the tests of time and distance. Bryson and Shennae, ladies and gentlemen, one of the sweetest and the most adorable couples, has recently married after years of dating at the distance of 2,800 miles. We had the luxury of being together with them on their special day and that was one beautiful wedding day.

When Bryson and Shennae met at school, they quickly became friends and kept in touch, even after they graduated and went each in their own direction. As the couple remained friends and their relationship slowly grew, after couple years Bryson asked Shennae to accompany him to a wedding. She agreed. They obviously enjoyed each other’s company at the wedding as Bryson also invited Shennae to a romantic night of dining and viewing garden lights at the Longwood Gardens which was followed by him asking her to be his girlfriend. And that’s how their romantic relationship started blossoming into something more and special. One unusual morning in November of 2015, Shennae and Bryson were having what seemed to be a normal breakfast with her family. At one moment, without any warning, Bryson walked up to Shennae, got on his knee and asked her to marry him. Engulfed in this whimsical and electrifying moment, Shennae remained speechless. Bryson had to repeat the question before Shennae happily replied “yes.”

The wedding day was highly impassioned and touching. Shennae and Bryson’s wedding was among the most emotional weddings that we have ever experienced. Many tears of passion were shed during the ceremony. Even now, my eyes still turn glassy just from seeing the images. They bring back all the emotions that were running through my head while photographing these two love birds. The wedding ceremony took place at the Garfield Park Conservatory where all the guests were surrounded by unique, beautiful plants and flowers. One could tell that this lovely couple was passionate about gardens. Once all the guests were sited and lovely music filled the room, the ceremony began. Bryson, standing at the alter, looking sharp in his suit, waited for his beloved patiently. With every moment, he became more and more anxious and when he finally saw Shennae, many tears were shed. The anticipation of the grand moment and the sight of his gorgeous wife in a beautiful snow-white wedding dress took his breath away.

The ceremony was followed by just as amazing reception. The reception was back at The Carleton Hotel. The room had guests’ tables, beautifully decorated, on one side and the newly weds’ table across, on the other side. Each table had flowery centerpieces and cute little frames with pictures of Bryson and Shennae. In the middle of the room was the dance floor and, at first, there was also a tall, decorated with flowers, stunning wedding cake. All guests cheered happily when the wedding party was announced, during the speeches, and when the bride and groom did the cake cutting. Besides being filled with emotional moments the reception was also very fun. We witnessed many exciting and hilarious moments during the speeches, the bouquet and garter toss. The culminating moments were the dances shared by the groom and the bride with their parents followed by a dance that most of the guests participated in.

Bryson and Shennae’s wedding was truly fantastic. It was full of heartfelt moments and fun activities. Bryson and Shennae and their family all made us feel like we were part of the wedding. Working with them was great and made documenting their day a wonderful experience. We’ve enjoyed the entire day and hope to run into this fantastic couple again in the future. B+S, you’re great! Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your special day!

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Ceremony: Garfield Park Conservatory |Reception Venue: The Carleton of Oak Park| DJ: Audiowest | Wedding Dress: David Tutera/ House of Brides Couture Chicago | Bride’s Jewelry: BHLDN | Bride’s Shoes: Jenny Packham | BridesmaidDesigner: David’s Bridal | Makeup Artist: Kathy Pelarcik |Hair Stylist: Ana Deric | Groom’s Attire: Men’s Warehouse | Officiant: Jeff Archambeault | Florist: A Always Lou’s Florist & Greenhouse | Cake Artist: Sugar Fixé | Videographer: Lexoria Wedding Films| Team Bride shirts: Etsy |Puzzle Guest book: Portrait Puzzles | Wedding Program/escort cards/ table numbers: The Bride | Rum Cake Favors: The Leefats