Glamorous Three Day Wedding Celebration

Some of the most spectacular celebrations that we get to photograph are those of ethnic cultures. Often spanning over multiple days, usually rich in beautiful decorations, and always filled with emotional moments that make an eye sparkle. The remarkable amount of work that is put forth by the couple, their family, friends, and by the vendors result in the most memorable ceremonies that one may experience. Not so long ago, we had the pleasure to photograph a wedding which was a perfect example of such grandeur celebrations, and today, we’re sharing those pictures. It was a three-day long celebration that took place at the Harold Washington Library Center in Chicago Downtown. Not many library goers are aware of the top floor of this architectural marvel: it’s a large, beautiful open space which is open to public during regular hours and where private events are hosted after hours. The location was decorated with many colorful fabrics, beautiful paintings, and flowers. Most beautiful of all, however, were the hosts and the guests alike. Their outfits were just as colorful and sparkly as everything else around. Big smiles lit everyone’s faces as the guests danced, gave speeches, and performed for the newly-weds. Witnessing the beautiful and emotional moments between the bride, groom, and their closest family warmed our hearts up as well. In the pictures below, you’ll see three days of celebrations. We hope you enjoy!

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3