The Ballroom at Carey Lake Wedding

Just a few weeks ago, we went back to Rochester for a wedding that we’d been awaiting for a long while. It was Chris’ and Jo’s wedding which was originally planned for last year but, due to the pandemic, it was postponed until this year. We were excited to see Jo and Chris again after nearly two years. They are one of those couples that you fall in love with as soon as you meet them; they emanate joy and love for each other.

Jo and Chris got married at The Ballroom at Carey Lake just east of Rochester. It was an adorable venue with large green yard and a gazebo, which was the perfect spot for the ceremony, with beautiful trees and pond that served as the backdrop for our pictures. The sun was shining on the day of their wedding which was a nice break from few gloomy weekends prior. However, the beautiful weather was not the main spotlight of the event. Of course, it was the beautiful Jo who was dressed in a stunning white dress and the amazing Chris also sporting a classy suit himself. The two had a romantic, funny ceremony and it was clearly visible that the two adored one another to the fullest extent. But our description can’t do their ceremony justice without mentioning the stunt that Chris pulled off during vows: he faced the audience and unrolled a scroll that was several feet long. Everyone had a good laugh.

However, some of the most important details about this day are not only the events that took place or the decorations (which all were beautiful!) but how Jo and Chris met. Well, as appropriate as it is for the century of the Internet, Jo and Chris first met playing an online war game while Chris lived in Rochester area and Jo lived in NYC. Their relationship grew online and, eventually, in person. Eventually, Chris decided to propose to Jo. He acquired custom scratch-offs that were supposed to spell “Will you marry me” once scratched. He gifted them to Jo on her birthday and… to his surprise the scratch-off somehow spelled “Happy birthday” instead. Chris found another perfect opportunity to propose to Jo and Jo, of course, said “yes!”

Chris and Jo’s energy is so positive that just few minutes in their presence will put a smile on everyone’s face. Their love is not only so strong for each other but also for animals. Just the morning of their wedding, for example, they found a dog wandering on the street without an owner. It was clearly a lost pup that needed some love. Chris and Jo took the doggie in and decided that after the wedding they will locate the owner or adopt if no owner was found. What a heart these two have!

Chris and Joe — we were so happy to see you again after over a year. We’re excited for you and wish you all the best on this new path in your life. Love, Taz and Kamil.