27th Annual Snowball Fundraising Event for Lurie Children’s Hosptial

On February 7th, the Union Station’s Great Hall was filled with 2,000 young professionals, delicious food from multiple restaurants, great drinks, and live music. This is how Chicago and the Junior Council celebrate and raise funds for helping adolescent kids fight HIV. We were there to capture this remarkable event and believe us when we say that 4 hours of photographing wasn’t enough to capture all of these beautiful and energetic people!

This event, Snowball, has been organized annually by the Junior Council for 27 years already. This year, it filled the Union Station’s Great Hall. Surrounded by food and drink stations  funded by many local restaurants, the hall had tables for mingling and dining, auction center, dance floor, and VIP section. The space in itself is magnificent, but combined with the thoroughly planned decorations, the beauty can not be described with words.

The event was professionally lit, with spotlights highlighting the concert stage, dance floor, and the auction tables. Overlooking the event was a wall made of wooden pallets, with a bit of rustic look to it. Old fashioned bulbs were mounted to it in a formation that read “Snowball for the kids.” The auction tables displayed all the auctioned items, which included autographed jerseys of Chicago sport players, designer clothing, and great art pieces. Worth mentioning are also the ice sculpted alcohol station which took multiple days to carve, and chocolate fountain.

Shortly after 8pm, the room was filled with 2,000 young and energetic professionals. All the ladies were beautifully dressed; some so wore dresses so remarkable not to be confused with wedding dresses. The gentlemen, astonishingly handsome, wore fantastic suits. People mingled, enjoyed delicious foods and drinks, and danced the night away.

The highlight of the night was donating a paycheck worth $200,000 to the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. The Junior Council of Chicago did the honors, of course. This money is to support programs that help adolescent kids fight HIV/AIDS. This culminated the night.

Below are some of the photos from this 2015 Snowball Fundraiser. If you attended this event and want to find a picture of you, contact us for a link to the complete gallery.

27th annual Snowball for the kids - fundraiser at Union Station, Chicago

Table decorations, event sponsors of 2015 Snowball Fundraiser at the Union Station

Auctioned items at 2015 Snowball Fundraiser at the Union Station, Chicago.  Detail shot of vendor's appetizers at Chicago's 2015 Snowball event.

Vendors at 2015 Snowball Fundraiser for Lurie Children's hospital.

Picture from Chicago's 2015 Snowball Fundraiser event.

Overview of the event's auction tables in Chicago's Union Station's Great Hall.

Detail shots of items auctioned at Chicago's 2015 Snowball event.

Overview and detail shots of 2015 Snowball Fundraiser event at Union Station, Chicago.

Photos of a beautiful couple attending the 27th annual Snowball Fundraiser in Chicago.

Vendors at the event, here: Buffalo Trace.

Picture of Chicago Union Station's Great Hall hosting a fundraiser.

Live band and dancing in Chicago's Union Station's Great Hall.

Live band performing at Union Station, Chicago.

Picture of the fundraiser's guests enjoying live music.

Live music performance at Union Station during 2015 fundraiser for Lurie's Children hospital

Another gorgeous couple at the event. Union Station, Chicago, IL.

Dancing at an event in Union Station's Great Hall.

Again, dancing at an event in Union Station's Great Hall.

More dancing in Union Station's Great Hall during 2015 Snowball Fundraiser. Chicago.

Gorgeous couples during Chicago's 2015 Snowball Fundraiser.

Organizers of the 2015 Snowball Fundraiser held at the Union Station in Chicago.

Live band at an event in Union Station's Great Hall.

Guests of Chicago's 27th annual Snowball Fundraiser.

Donating a check to Lurie's Children hospital at Chicago during 2015 Snowball Fundraiser.

Overview of Union Station's Great Hall hosting a fundraiser.

Live music at Chicago's Union Station.