Declan’s 1st Birthday

It is Declan’s 1st birthday on the blog today! He is a January baby, just like Taz. No wonder they got along so well! Taz was so excited when his parents asked us to do another shoot with them to capture this moment. There are a couple of shots where you can see his preemie hat and diaper compared to what he wears now. It’s so unreal how fast he grew. Declan had a huge smile on his face throughout the shoot except for when he bonked his head on the table — luckily, it was nothing a cookie couldn’t remedy.

A special thanks to Sweet Mandy B’s for making Declan’s delicious cake. He thoroughly enjoyed it!

sweet-mandy-bs-cake-smash-chicago-photographer 1

sweet-mandy-bs-cake-smash-chicago-photographer 2

Check out his adorable newborn session here!