RK’s Embroidery – Vendor Spotlight

As you cross their door frame you'll note a soothing sound of people and machinery at work that fills the shop. When you look around you see beautiful products, silhouettes of the artists, and lots and lots of spools of colorful thread. The sight of all those colors will really catch your eye and make

The Sinclair of Skaneateles Wedding

Check them out! Zach and Katie - what a gorgeous pair! We arrived to their getting-ready locations in the morning to find the ladies oh-so-calm before the day began and the boys stomping their shoes to the rhythm of some country classics to shake off the thrills of the afternoon ahead of them. The getting-ready's

Timberlodge Arrowhead Golf Club Wedding

Not so long ago I had the pleasure to work for another wedding photographer, the sweet, the funny, and the super-skilled Wendy Zook. I met Wendy shortly after having moved TKL to Rochester and I immediately loved her for her. She filled her surroundings with positive attitude and always made everyone feel special. Wendy was,

Celebrating your wedding with your fur babies

Sometimes, we're so close with our animals that we consider them members of our families. So when celebrating your wedding with family, the family is incomplete unless we bring those furry babies with us! Isn't that right? And many of our clients who are in love with their pets either request their presence in the

Mundelein Auditorium Wedding

There was one moment this Fall when all the droplets of rain poured down as did Grace and Paul's love. What followed were two very important words; words which put smiles on faces, turned eyes into glass, warmed up people's hearts. "I do," were the two words that Grace and Paul exchanged while looking deep

Hotel Arista Wedding

There is one little secret we need to tell you about. It's about how we judge great weddings... Basically, the more furry creatures - the better! We love, love, love when our couples bring their sweet bow-wows to the wedding (or at least to the photo shoot). These pups are always just as excited as

Webb Family Session at the beach

This handsome little guy is up on the blog again! Last time I saw him was last year when we did first birthday shoot for him. He's grown so much since then! And, boy oh boy, was he so much more active than a year ago. This little guy had so much energy, I couldn't

Space 1858 Wedding

Last time we visited Chicago we had our hands full: we shot two weddings, assisted two more, and did a family session. In this post, we're sharing a few pictures from Dayna and Itunu's wedding which took place at Space 1858. It was a warm day but this couple was really cool and we enjoyed

Danada House Wedding

I have had the wonderful opportunity to capture this fun and lively wedding alongside Michelle Greenspoon. I am so excited to share this with you all today! The groom and groomsmen, looking very dapper, made their way to where the bride was getting ready. Before the groom could be with his bride, the bridesmaids had

Westminster Chapel Wedding

Moving to Syracuse was like opening a door to the room you've never visited before. Lauren didn't know anyone there and adjustment sure took some time. With time things were getting better and the new sites on her daily trip started becoming familiar and a part of her life. After a while, Lauren met a

Exciting News: We have expanded our coverage to Rochester, New York!

Upstate New York: we're here for you! We are so excited to share some exciting news!  We have expanded our wedding coverage to New York at the end of 2016, with our new office based in Rochester, NY.  And while we are excited for this new adventure and to work with the beautiful couples in Rochester, Chicago will

Belhurst Castle Wedding

 I am so excited to share this wedding I had the pleasure to shoot alongside Tressa of Tressa Marie Photography. Everything about this wedding was fantastic, the couple, the day, the details and the venue. Belhurst Castle located in Geneva, NY, only an hour away from Rochester, was absolutely magical. Here are some of the

Rochester City Hall Wedding

Evan and Laura, newcomers to Rochester, NY, have recently had an intimate wedding ceremony. It took place at the city hall in Rochester which is a beautiful place to have a ceremony at. They exchanged they vows and shared their first kiss surrounded by their closest family members and by the iconic architecture of the

Farm And Vineyard Wedding at Becker Farms

When it comes to meeting your future wife or husband, there are many possible ways, places, and occasions. Sometimes it's a matter of good timing, sometimes a matter of innocent look. Yet sometimes it's a matter of a good common friend. And that's how Kevin and Ashley met. Their story is really sweet: they only

Richardson’s Canal House Wedding

Weddings are symbolic events; they symbolize two people's devotion for one another, their mutual love. They also create an opportunity for the families and friends to express their support and love through extraordinary deeds like helping organize the special day, or giving a heart-warming speech. Recently, we got the opportunity to photograph a wedding of

Lighthouse Restaurant Wedding

Talk about energy. Brian and Ashley have so much energy, I can't begin to describe it. They went through their wedding day with smiles lighting up their faces, adoring each other, and making sure that everyone was having a great day on their wedding day. There wasn't a moment where they frowned. And, as if

Hilton Chicago Wedding

Pride, joy, family: these are the three words we would use to describe Jaleesa and Byron's wedding day. So that moment when the tune changes, breaths pause, and a spark appears in the groom's eye; when everyone turns around, and everyone experiences their moment of awe. It's the moment when the beautiful bride and her

Unique Wedding Venues in Rochester

Having moved to Rochester NY only last year, we weren't expecting to book much in the Upstate this year. We thought that it'd be nice to take it easy the first year here: network with other vendors, and maybe contract for other photographers. And while we've been doing all that, we have to say that

Morton Arboretum Wedding

Morton Arboretum is a place in the south-western Chicago suburbs where people go to relax, find inspiration, and admire the full beauty of Chicago's flora. This place isn't just a place where flowers bloom; it's also a place where love and shared live paths commence. Two such live paths that were recently unified at Morton

Ellison Park Wedding

The officiant who was also the musician, started playing Bettter Together as Hanako walked into the ceremony. She looked lovely in her exquisite dress and with flowers in her hair. As she was walking, the guests cheered and admired the beautiful lady. Looking very handsome himself, Paul's eyes showed all the excitement that filled him

Hyatt Lodge Wedding

"Piovere a catinelle!" said someone in the crowd of cheering guests as the newly weds were exiting the church. Honestly, the rain wasn't as bad as it sounds but that didn't really matter anyways; what mattered was that there were happy faces, warm smiles, and, most of all, the happiest couple in the World: Lauren

Buffalo History Museum Elopement

This past Monday was the best Monday in a really long time! It wasn't just another beginning of the week. It also wasn't just another gloomy early spring Monday. What it was, though, it was the happiest day in the life of one beautiful couple: Laneisha and CJ. Laneisha and CJ asked me to document

Deer Path Inn Wedding

It's funny how, sometimes, life takes us the long way to our destination. Eventually, we find what we've always been looking for and realize that it's always been there. Our delightful couple, whom we are excited to present today, had experienced their own such long path before finding each other again. Aimee and Chase share

Room 1520 Wedding

There were so many things to LOVE about this wedding: the incredible vendors, beautiful decor, great venue and, most importantly, the fantastic bride and groom! From the moment I met the couple I knew this wedding would be amazing. Jackie and Jason absolutely adore one another and it was apparent all throughout the day. We

Museum of Contemporary Art Wedding

With all the craziness of the holiday season behind us, we finally have some time to post a few more weddings that we shot in 2016. We start with the wedding of Emily and Mark who got married last summer and had their ceremony at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. We photographed this

Michigan Shores Club Wedding

 I am so excited to share this wedding I had the pleasure to shoot alongside Heather of Heather Decamp Photography. Everything about this wedding was fantastic, the couple, the day, the details and the venue. Here are some of the images from the day.

Park Hyatt Chicago Wedding

One lovely summer weekend, we photographed another beautiful wedding. But saying beautiful doesn’t do it justice. Rob and Serena got married at the Park Hyatt. They got ready there (Serena got ready in the bridal suite, with an amazing view of the historic water tower) and the ceremony and reception also took place there. The bride

George Eastman Museum Engagement Session

Here's a recap of our last Saturday which we were fortunate to spend with this amazing couple, Michael and Michelle. Being our first couple in Rochester, NY, they pretty much took us around showing the most beautiful places around the city. We saw the suburban Pittsford, George Eastman Museum, and East Ave and Park Ave

A Fall Engagement Session

It's that time of the year again -- trees changing, weather changing, but one thing stays unchanged: amazing people keep falling in love :-). And when one has the opportunity to photograph those beautiful moments b/w couples in love, especially in the surroundings of the colorful Fall foliage, the images are even more so alluring! Today,

Birthday Party at Kid City Chicago

Every-time we had the opportunity to work with this amazing family to document their birthday parties, we were so impressed with how much energy the parents put into planning. They always made sure that everyone, the kids and the adults, had great time. Looking back in memory, the first birthday was a superhero-themes; then the next one (bro-bro's