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When you’re with us, just be yourself. We love capturing your everyday moments – the smiles, the tears, the jitters. We love laughing, and seeing you laugh. Capturing candid moments – even the ones you didn’t know happened -- is our specialty.


No heavy filters, no poses that could end up on Awkward Family Photos. Just you and your beloved as you interact with one another, your wedding as it happens, plus a few must-do shots. Shots that the clients tend to love include the first kiss, bridal party hugs and tears, close-ups of the wedding rings and the cake - and who would forget the grandparents? Not us.


We take care of all the little details within our Maryland wedding photography business, so you don’t have to worry. We gather names of must-include relatives, scout locations for your bridal party pictures, and triple-check plans for the day. The result? Your wedding photos are as stress-free as possible.

Introducing Your Maryland and DC Photo Professionals:

We’ve been married for 4 years and love working together. With just a glance, we can instantly communicate about capturing that miliseconds-long look of awe on the father-of-a-bride's face during the vows. We trust one another's artistic instincts and observations. Our style complements one another. When we're not shooting memorable moments, we're taking impromptu road trips.
By limiting the number of weddings we book each year, we take the time to know you and the details of your day. Every wedding is special to us.

Your VMD Wedding Photographer, Taz.

A native Chicagoan, Taz Luto has been working the weddings since 2012, shooting everything from small, intimate weddings to 400-member parties. An intrepid traveler, Taz has shot at more than 100 weddings, both close to home in Chicago and as far away as Europe. In her free time, Taz snuggles with her husband Kamil and two kitties, Houston and Maluka.

Her favorite shots: Those small, quiet reactions that can slip by almost unnoticed, or when the groom first spots his bride in her gown.

Wedding-Day Tip: Choose a photographer who gives you time to build rapport. After all, you’ll be with them all day, so it’s important that you communicate well and you like one other.

Your Maryland Wedding Photographer, Kamil.

Kamil Luto grew up in Poland, helping his dad load film, take pictures and develop prints. Now, Kamil makes Maryland his home and wedding photography his passion. Kamil is an astounding 6'7", which means he’s a superstar at taking face-flattering shots from above.

His favorite shots: Photos of dance floor shenanigans - especially when Great-Gramma decides to bust a move.

Wedding-Day Tip: Be open to shots you never expected. These moments can bring forth a smile or a tear, decades later.

Wedding Photography Process


Over coffee, we meet and discuss your needs, and get to know one another a little better. You book us. You fill out a questionnaire that helps us make your wedding photos as unique as your personalities. Tell us about the uncle who does magic tricks or your hilarious bridesmaid – we’d love to know more.


The Big Day! From group photos to the little moments, and first look to first dance, we manage to capture it all. Most weddings run about six to eight hours, including wedding day preparation, the ceremony, portraits, cocktail hour, and reception. We show up, we rock it.

Deliver Images

We edit photographs and share them with you; keep a box of tissues handy. You're thrilled, naturally. Send a link to share with family and friends. People who couldn't make it can still thrill over your pics -- virtually. Gorgeous hairloom-quality albums are available for an extra fee.


Getting in touch with us

Do you have any questions? Want to inquire about your wedding date? Or want to just grab a cup of coffee or watch cat videos? Get in touch with us today to find out how we can work together.


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