Meridian Banquets Wedding

We are excited to share this beautiful and lively wedding! I knew from the moment I worked with them, photographing their engagement session, their wedding would be full of emotion and it would be an amazing party. You can see their engagement session here : Olive Park Engagement Session

They were high school sweethearts and have 2 beautiful daughters that were so excited to be the flower girls.  Throughout the reception, the entertainment was endless. Family got together to sing, performed a few dance numbers as well as organize a beautiful montage featuring the bride and groom. The father and daughter dance was done to a song the father sang for his little girl. There was a video speech from the brides brother who wasn’t able to attend the wedding. There were many smiles, much laughter and tears. It was all done so perfectly! You could tell how much the couple loved one another and their family as well as how much they were loved back.

So here are some of the images from the beautiful wedding. Hope you enjoy!

Chicago-wedding-photographer-Meridian-Banquets-1 Chicago-wedding-photographer-Meridian-Banquets-2 Chicago-wedding-photographer-Meridian-Banquets-3 Chicago-wedding-photographer-Meridian-Banquets-4 Chicago-wedding-photographer-Meridian-Banquets-5 Chicago-wedding-photographer-Meridian-Banquets-6 Chicago-wedding-photographer-Meridian-Banquets-7 Chicago-wedding-photographer-Meridian-Banquets-8 Chicago-wedding-photographer-Meridian-Banquets-9 Chicago-wedding-photographer-Meridian-Banquets-10