31st Street Beach Engagement Session

Summer is here! I am so excited to share this engagement session that I had the pleasure of shooting as an associate photographer for Heather Decamp Photography. I absolutely love this couple and when they wanted to include their adorable pug, Guinness, I knew we would get along great!  First stop was at 31st street

Bridal Shower

There are so many ways to celebrate love and the obvious one is having a wedding. But let's be honest with ourselves, which bride can patiently wait in anticipation of that day when her groom puts a wedding band on her finger? So, again, the obvious solution is having bachelorette party AND bridal shower! And

3rd Birthday Party at Pump It Up

Rohan just had his 3rd birthday and what a fantastic birthday it was! It took place at Pump It Up, many kids' favorite playground. There were a climbing wall, bouncy houses, slides and even a special visitor, Daniel the Tiger. Photographing so many cute, adorable, and energetic children is fun to say the least. As

Omari’s 1st Birthday

This baby rocks! His name is Omari, he's a little ball of energy, and he just turned one! He also has the most amazing mom who put a lot of energy into making sure that his birthday party is a blast! While Omari's birthday was fun from the beginning to the end, there were two

Olive Park Engagement Session

Check out this cute couple! They absolutely adore each other, which made photographing them a blast. We have been very fortunate with a mild winter, however, this day was colder than expected. Thankfully, it made for great cuddle pictures. It was great working with you both and we hope you enjoy the images!

Peninsula Hotel Wedding

 I am so excited to share this wedding I had the pleasure to shoot alongside Christine of Heather Decamp Photography. Everything about this wedding was fantastic, the couple, the day, the details and the venue. Here are some of the images from the day.

60th Birthday Celebration

Last weekend, we photographed a 60th birthday celebration. The celebrant's entire family gathered under one roof, cleaned, organized, and decorated the place and filled it with energy and happiness. The most energetic, however, were all the kids: they were running around, climbing on grandfather's shoulders, performing epic Star-Wars battles. The guests arrived from different places. Separated by

Chicago Maternity Session

This winter in Chicago hasn't been too bad this year. We haven't gotten as much snowfall as we did in recent years and the temperatures were somewhat mild. That made any outdoor photo sessions a bit easier. Recently, I've shot a maternity session in Chicago downtown for my long-time clients, John and Claudia. They are a

A New Leaf Wedding

I am so excited to share this wedding I had the pleasure to shoot alongside Genevieve Lauren of Genevieve Lauren Photography. Everything about this wedding was fantastic, the couple, the day, the details and the venue. Here are some of the images from the day.  

City Winery Wedding

 I am so excited to share this wedding I had the pleasure to shoot alongside Christine of Heather Decamp Photography. Everything about this wedding was fantastic, the couple, the day, the details and the venue. Here are some of the images from the day.

Declan’s 1st Birthday

It is Declan's 1st birthday on the blog today! He is a January baby, just like Taz. No wonder they got along so well! Taz was so excited when his parents asked us to do another shoot with them to capture this moment. There are a couple of shots where you can see his preemie hat and diaper

Winter Wedding

Wedding in the winter? It isn't as scary as it sounds! Rather, it's fun, beautiful, and... your beloved one will keep you warm! I had the pleasure to second shoot this wedding along Michelle Greenspoon of Spoon Photo and Design. Michelle was so much fun to work with. As usually, the day started out with

Chicago Family Session

Not so long ago, I met with my long-time friends who were visiting Chicago. It's been a while since we got to hang out together since Emily and Jeremy live in Indiana with they adorable kids. And those kids grew up so quickly! Anyways, here are just a few pictures from a mini session we

Blue Chip Casino Wedding

  These two tied the knot! I am so excited to share their wedding. You can take a look at their engagement session here: Chicago Engagement Session. Wedding venue: Blue Chip Casino

Meridian Banquets Wedding

We are excited to share this beautiful and lively wedding! I knew from the moment I worked with them, photographing their engagement session, their wedding would be full of emotion and it would be an amazing party. You can see their engagement session here : Olive Park Engagement Session They were high school sweethearts and

Chicago Family Photographer

Photographing this family session was so much fun. There were so many beautiful smiles and hugs! Hope you enjoy the images!

Cafe Brauer Wedding

Being apart of the Chicago wedding industry, we get to work a lot with other professionals in the area. Every now and than, Taz works for other photographers, taking pictures of their clients' weddings. Here is one of such! Taz took the below pictures while shooting alongside Genevieve Lauren of Genevieve Lauren Photography.

Lincoln Park Zoo Lights Session

I am very thankful we were able to take advantage of the 50 degree weather in December and a huge thanks to my darling husband/human light stand.  We are so excited to share this awesome session with this incredibly sweet couple! We had so much fun, it was like we were working with long time

Family Session in Chippewa Woods Forest Preserve

I absolutely adore this family and session! It was our first year starting out in our photography business when Bill reached out to have some professional head shots done. Two years later, I had the pleasure to work with and capture their family portrait. They were so much fun to work with. Here are a

Olive Park Engagement Session

 I have finally gotten around to catch up on all the blog post from all of the great and beautiful sessions I have had this year.  Here are my favorites from an engagement session we had at Olive Park. These two were incredibly fun! There were so many smiles, hugs, kisses throughout the session. They

Winnemac Park Engagement Session

 So excited to work with this beautiful couple on capturing their wedding in January. Time is flying, only a month away! So glad we got to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather for their engagement session. Enjoy! Congrats Arti and King! Can't wait till your wedding day! Photo location: Winnemac Park

Superhero Birthday Party

A gentleman walks into the room filled with family and friends, all of whom excited and eager to see him. He's wearing regular pants and a sport jacket and looks like a regular man. But don't be mistaken, underneath that jacket hides a Super-Man! And he's name is Aarav, and... he's the birthday boy! Words

Toopes Events

Today, we're introducing Toopes Events. A fantastic couple, Jaclyn and Ryan, who also work in wedding industry. They are wedding planners who are great at making sure that your day goes smoothly and stress-free. Tell me a little about you and your business.  We are a husband and wife team, we love a good party,

Family Portrait Session at Olive Park

I have known Gina for about 7 years! I was so excited when she asked about having some family pictures done. Her parents were visiting from Florida and they thought it would be great to have their family pictures taken while they were here. After dealing with Friday traffic and parking in Chicago and almost

Oak Park Wedding – Jason and Emilia

Today, we're sharing more pictures from Emilia's and Jason's wedding in Oak Park. Their wedding took place on a really sunny and warm Saturday. Everything was planned to take place in the beautiful Oak Park, which cut down traveling times between home, hotel, ceremony, and hotel locations. We definitely recommend keeping the traveling times in

Jason + Emilia – Sneak Peek

We're really excited to share this sneak peek from today's wedding! We photographed Jason and Emilia, the most adorable couple, whose wedding was in Oak Park. With only 15 minutes to shoot their portraits, we are really happy with the results! J&E, we hope you enjoy this little preview of what is to come! Congrats

Lauren and Jake’s Wedding

Every time we talk to another engaged couple, we hear a story that is beautiful, romantic, and unique. And wasn't that the case with Lauren and Jake! Lauren and Jake had known each other for many years, they went to school together. They were just friends and after graduating, went in different direction. Lauren's dream was