Paws Fundraising Event at Tandang Garimot

PAWS Chicago Fundraiser – Pictures.

You gotta love animals. PAWS Chicago was founded in 1999 with the mission of reducing the number of pets euthanized in the City of Chicago. On PAWS’s Mission & Values page you can see a graph showing how the number of euthanized pets has drastically reduced since the founding of the charity. PAWS saves animal with their successful adoption program but also by spraying and neutering pets to reduce the number of unwanted animals in the city. You can support PAWS here and find out more information about volunteering opportunities here.

Tandang Garimot, Chicago local martial arts and wellness center, decided that it was time to unite their students, teachers, and friends, to support animals. They have recently held a fundraiser to support PAWS. We were honored to be there and see all the supporters have fun, play games, and participate in a raffle. All money for the raffle tickets were donated to PAWS.

Tandang Garimot’s instructors have gathered a large group of participants, many of whom sponsored the raffle’s prizes. Sponsors of the prizes includes:
Brian Posen and Chris Gorton at Stage 773, Marjorie Alford and Bad Apple Bakery, Marie Clawson and The Belmont Burlesque Revue, Carrie Collins at Stretch Chi, Jean Edrada, Larissa Zageris, Richard Gricius, Kevin Cronin, Karen and Colleen Wing and Get Nail’d Salon, and Debbie Nusret.
Thanks to all these guys, Chicago pets have over $1,600 in donations!

So we were there and we got to witness how animal lovers and PAWS supporters have fun, play games, and practice martial arts! Below, we’re sharing images from this event. Notice the pictures from the kickathon event — participants faced each other in a kicking competition, kicking for 1 minute without a break. The winner scored 109 kicks which is almost 2 kicks per second! Congrats, Cindy!

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Thanks again for organizing a great event and everyone’s hard work!

-Taz & Kamil

We love animals, do you?