Seth Turns Two! – Birthday party

  • Boy's birthday party.

My dear friends from Tandang Garimot martial arts studio have asked me to photographer a birthday party for their now 2 year old boy. I, of course, agreed — I love this kid! Just moments prior to the birthday boy’s arrival, his refusal to take a nap earlier had finally caught up to him. When he awoke though, he was really excited to see all of his favorite people in one place.┬áHe is loved by so many people. His parents threw him a birthday party and did such a great job prepping the food, decorations and bouncy house! Sadly, he was terrified by the noise from the bouncy house and didn’t want to enter it. Instead, Seth played with the balloons, opened all his presents, ate cake and with the sugar rush, just run around the entire place.

Seth is so energetic that he seemed to be in multiple placed at the same time. As he was running all over the place, every now and then he would slow down and show off for me in front of the camera. Here are some of the images below from the party.


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Happy Birthday, Seth! I am so happy that I could be there!