Road Trip to Charleston and Savannah

  • Road trip to Savannah.

Friday afternoon at 2pm – Taz asks Kamil, “what will we do this weekend?” Kamil shrugs. How about we go to South Carolina? One hour later, we are packed and on the road.

After realizing that it will be the last free weekend we have before the wedding season begins, we decided to use it well and go on a very last minute road trip.  Since we were going south, we figured that it would be warm and sunny. However, the last two days of the trip were wet, cold, and rainy. Taz had only packed dresses and shoes with no traction. Due to the lack of planning, we weren’t prepared for all the adventures that were awaiting us. Thankfully, everything was still amazing! Saw some incredible views and even hiked 1 mile up a mountain. Yep, Taz hiked in a dress and flats. She is crazy and amazing that way.

There are so many things we love about our last minute trips. One is having the ability to just go, drive and explore. Another is the great conversations we have while on the road. It is easy to get distracted at home and think about all the other work and chores that must be done. Being on the road together, we are more mindful of one another. Since most of our trips are last minute, nothing is planned. We don’t have a place to stay. We’re not sure what we will do once we get to the general area we want to go to. Taz: “I mean, this is 100% opposite of my personality. I am a huge planner and being able to let go like this, is what I call relaxing. In the end, everything always works out. It may not be how we planned or better yet, hoped (since there is not much planning involved) but it does work out. Once we hit a deer on one of our road trips. It was stressful and definitely not planned. I thought that this was going to be one of the worst road trips and it would have been easy to have gotten stressed out about it and let it ruin our trip. Thankfully, we weren’t hurt. We made it to our destination with our damaged car. While the car was in the body shop, we took the train into D.C. and manged to have an incredible time. It turned out to be one of my favorite trips.” After all of our road trips, we always try to keep these things in mind when we get home:  things work out in the end, even if they didn’t go as planned and most importantly to be more mindful of one another.

Below are some of our images from our recent road trip. Hope you enjoy!